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  • 2011.12.02 Ming Pao:

    "Retirement Plan on investment"

    2011.12.02 Ming pao

    A well investment plan for retirement needs investors' strong sustainability on every month saving. Jessica shares options of saving.

  • 2011.12.02 Oriental Daily:

    "Investment in Diamond"

    2011.12.02 Oriental Daily

    High return on investing in diamond. Jessica is delighted to shared her professional and unique point of view on diamond investment.

  • 2011.11.25 Oriental Daily:

    "The Trap of Group Sale"

    2011.11.25 Oriental Daily

    Group Sale causes customers' impusive decision on shopping

  • 2011.11.18 Oriental Daily:

    "Bank fee charges"

    2011.11.18 Oriental Daily

    Pay extra attention to the fee charge of your bank account / credit card.

  • 2011.11.04 Oriental Daily:

    "Educate children about financial planning"

    2011.11.04 Oriental Daily

    Jessica is delighted to share her point of view on children's financial education.

  • 2011.10 Hurun Report:

    "US debt crisis and China stock crisis"

    2011.11 Hurun Report

    US debt crisis and the China concept stocks in credibility crisis freak many investors. Jessica shares her unique analysis on the prospective market.

  • 2011.08.23 HKSTAR TV:

    "iBond for fighting against high inflation"

    2011.08.23 HKSTAR

    Jessica shared her professional opinions for the iBond which the interest rate is linked to inflation rate.

  • 2008.02.21 Career Times:

    "Lay out your career plan"

    news article

    Let GlobalBEST guide the youngsters to a successful career plan.

  • 2011.05.23 TVB:

    "Student Loans"


    Deep discussion about the risks and effective ways of student loans repayment.


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